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Play on right now!
Hi all, The game is now back and you can play it right there on ! We spent a lot of time working on the backend, which caused some problems under charge...
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Play online in browser right now!
Hi there, Last weeks, we were focused on rewriting the game server for better performance (we switched to golang instead of node) and we had impressive gains! A...
Starbomb 0.2.0 - UI, design & improvements
Hi everyone, TLDR; new UI & pixel art smoothed Last weeks have been spent on refactoring all the UI, visually and on the engine side. This means that we'll be a...
🤖 Bots are here 🤖
Bots are finally here! How it works: after a certain time in the queue (actually it's 15 seconds), the game starts anyway and bots will come fill the missing pl...
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Bots are coming! ;)
Hi all! This is the first devlog here on itch, habitually we do it on tigsource devlog . So, as some of you have seen, there are not many players because we jus...
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