Bots are coming! ;)

Hi all!

This is the first devlog here on itch, habitually we do it on tigsource devlog.

So, as some of you have seen, there are not many players because we just launched the first prealpha, very early dev alpha, and it take some times to grow a user base. But! We were working on bots since a few times and they are finally coming this week!

What does it mean concretely?

It means that if you wait more than 10s for a game (yes, 10s. who wants to wait?), bots will join you for the match, and here are the three kinds you'll encounter

  • easy : they destroy blocks but don't attack you
  • medium : they attack you but can miss some bombs and die
  • hard : they attack you and won't miss bombs. be smarter than then! (tips: they don't see auto-spawning borders)

Now, the more and more players will come, and the less and less bots you'll encounter.

If you really want to be sure to play with "humans", you can join our discord by clicking here, and you can also share it with friends (add them inside the app, make teams)

So, stay tuned, the update will come soon during this week!


Starbomba Setup 0.1.12.exe 90 MB
Jan 03, 2019

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